The Great Hall, 17 March 2022

2022 Winners

Platinum Award



“Bthechange demonstrated incredible resolve supporting thousands of CJS individuals with social life skills and health/education support; using its platform to elevate the voice of those that need it most. Inspirational!”

@bthechangecic |



Positive Lights Projects

“This proud project elevated the local arts community providing thoughtful workshops and work opportunities for students and young people.”

@positivelightp |



Barnova, The Christmas Market Bars

“A fourth year delivering fun, high-quality bars at Exeter Christmas Market with consistency. Record sales and its new mulled syrups proved deliciously popular!”

@barnovaevents |

Business Services


SETsquared Exeter

“SETsquared has been superb for students and graduates, with its scale up and business acceleration programmes securing millions in funding. Great effort nurturing Exeter’s workforce of the future.”

@SETsquaredExe |



Coffery & Co

“A shining example for small independents, bravely launching a successful delivery service and expertly adapting menus catering to its many fanatic customers.”

@cofferyandco I




“Terrific showing for the community, developing its survive & thrive mentoring programme and increasing telephone support by an extra 400 service users. What a difference!”

@bthechangecic |



Exeter Works and Youth Hub Devon

“A community-driven organisation very much for the people with a large number of its referrals being placed into work and education. An essential cog in Exeter’s post-pandemic recovery.”

@exeter_works |



Altum Media

“Altum Media has garnered significant growth with a revamped team and impressive creative digital work; fantastic showing to help launch upcoming local brands.”

@altummedia |



Boo To A Goose Theatre

“Developed its theatre shows and toured to 60 schools, educating children in essential life lessons, reaching around 3,600 children. We’re right behind you!”

@boo_toagoose |



Guildfest Family Festival

“A unique, free event capturing imagination of families all from Exeter’s rooftops. Strong feedback from much of its satisfied audience, with footfall up 20% and over 9,000 attendees.”

@guildhallshops |

Food/Drink Producer


Cake or Death

“A small company driving a big movement to create ethical and environmentally friendly change. Impressive market leaders with innovative products that have won us over!”

@cakeordeathldn |

Hair & Beauty


Coraline Organic Skincare

“A beautiful business success story with founders inspired by their daughter’s health condition. Launched a range of natural skincare products for the genuine benefit of its customers.”

@coralineskincare |

Health & Wellbeing


Pete’s Dragons

“With its reputation built and offering honed over years, Pete’s Dragons bespoke bereavement services performed to remarkable levels with increased online sessions and responsive guidance.”

@thepetesdragons |

Homes & Interiors


Natural Design Studio

“A significant era for NDS helping the charge to a greener Exeter. Completed 21 design projects with strong emphasis on creating sustainable spaces. Sowing the seed for a big local business!”

@natural.designstudio |

Legal & Financial


Premier Financial Planning

“This professional group are really rooted in the community, alongside national recognition and exponential growth. Its mortgage lending rocketed 25%.”

@pisocietyuk |

Leisure & Tourism


Bear Town

“Brilliant Bear town ran hugely successful marketing campaigns for its new opening. It then entirely sold out its Christmas experiences, proving popular with children and parents alike.”

@bear_town_play |

New Business


Acuitis Opticians and Hearing Centre

“Operated smartly whilst opening in peak of the pandemic, by the end of 2021 it doubled the team and introduced vital new audiology services. Something different and needed.”

@acuitis_exeter |

People Services


Pi Society

“Bringing people together and matchmaking couples in an ever-digital world. A cause which has created over 1,400 beloved events and brought together 130 long-term relationships.”

@pisocietyuk |



KTA Architects

“KTA constantly pushes boundaries with appealing developments including the Marriott Courtyard Hotel and Winslade Park. Growing headcount reflects in its achievements and ambition.” |



Eat the Bird

“A popular highlight of Sidwell Street with its simply outrageous burgers, this thriving restaurant pulls you in with its vibrant atmosphere. Winner winner chicken dinner!”

@eatthebird |



Eco Baby Box

“Providing a distinctive shopping experience mixed with caring charitable ethics. An aspirational local retailer at the top end of baby boutique, and truly paving its own destiny.”

@ecobabyboxltd |


Joint Winner:

Ebb Tides Seaweeds

“Changing the tide towards sustainability! Expertly developing a fresh seaweed cosmetic range with 100% natural products and is onto a growing trend.”

@ebbtidesseaweeds |


Joint Winner:

Ixora Energy

“Ixora are heading the race towards a green future, responsible for seven anaerobic digestion sites and powering nearly 13,000 homes by renewable energy. Truly sustainable in nature.”

@IxoraEnergy |

Technology & Innovation

Joint Winner:

NewZapp Communications

“A massive impact from cracking comms company! Produced a game-changing specialist solution for the NHS which has had direct benefits for its staff, now using faultless IT systems.”

@NewZapp |

Technology & Innovation


Virtual Tour Experts

“A truly innovative platform which has created a number of industry firsts in the market, including the world’s first accessibility widget and auto-nav tool for virtual tours.”

@virtualtourex |