The Great Hall, 17 March 2022

The Fab 500

Proudly presenting our Exeter Living Awards 2022 attendees

Full Name


Table number

Abby Cribb Ian Walker Family Law 31
Abby Millar Altum Media 26
Adam Ainsworth Mesklin 37
Adam Pike SMART Estate Agent 19
Adele Wordsworth Bear Town 44
Ajay Sharma KTA Architects 36
Alex Sergeant NewZapp Communications 1
Alex Troulan Luka’s Barbers 20
Alexia Tooby Café at 143 37
Alexis Lee Salon no.8 40
Ali McGeown Hospiscare 33
Alice Escott Exeter Cathedral 24
Alice Evans Princesshay 9
Alice Harvard Aesthetica Medical Spa 43
Alison Jordan Pete’s Dragons 40
Allan May Cavendish Online 3
Amber Strong SETsquared 22
Amelia Mason Regus 17
Amelia Pike Pink Moon/ Castle Street 20
Amy Mcgill Studio Illicit 25
Amy Vann Girl Behind The Lens 27
Amy Whight The Dixon Foundation 16
Andrew Butler Andrew Butler Photography 8
Andy Cule Mickeys Beach Bar & Restaurant 26
Andy Joy Nexus Open Systems 7
Ann Hunter InExeter 24
Anna Morgan The Coffee Bank 43
Annika Pittaros Acorn Property Group 11
Ant Bassett Taylor Lewis 29
Anthony Roucco Mickeys Beach Bar & Restaurant 26
Anthony Stephens Cavendish Online 3
Ashleigh Goss Randstad Education 17
Ben Jordan Bear Town 44
Ben Knock Pink Moon/ Castle Street 20
Ben Travers Stephens Scown 8
Beth Ardron Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel 23
Beth Cartwright Powderham Food Festival 15
Beth Fortune The Botanist 9
Bethan Helm Full Fibre 2
Bob Irwin Triangle Networks 21
Boudicca Woodland Bluebird Care 6
Brendan Barry Positive Light Projects 24
Cameron Hodder Dirty Martini Marketing 25
Carl Waters Mickeys Beach Bar & Restaurant 26
Caroline Gee Hospiscare 33
Caroline Hooper The Family Law Company 10
Caroline Mullan Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel 23
Carolyn Davey Bear Town 44
Catherine Escott Exeter Cathedral 24
Chantelle Znideric Chantelle Znideric Personal Stylist 23
Charles Kislingbury Grenadier Estates 16
Charlie Sibey SMART Estate Agent 19
Charlie Tilt Copperwood Hospitality 32
Charlotte Davine Hospiscare 33
Charlotte Edwards Eco Baby Box 39
Charlotte Hanson Exeter Northcott Theatre 45
Charlotte McGregor Wollens 23
Charlotte Rook Software Solved 41
Charlotte Saunders Guildhall Shopping Centre 24
Charlotte Tregedeon Exeter Council 24
Charmain Aubury Natural Design Studio 43
Chris Bentley Host 10
Chris Cannan The Botanist 9
Chris Charles The PIG-at Combe 32
Chris Evans SETsquared 22
Chris Evans University of Exeter 28
Chris Hudson HSBC 4
Chris Thomas Bluegrass Group 5
Chris Wilson Nexus Open Systems 7
Christian Olesen Yellowtail Financial Planning 8
Claire Jordan Bear Town 44
Claire Toze Exeter City Council 9
Clare Walpole Introtweet 27
Clark Elson Nexus Open Systems 7
Colin Dart SETsquared 22
Dan Lockhart The Press House 9
Dan MacDuff Software Solved 41
Dan Pritchard Clockwise 14
Danica Clements Acorn Property Group 11
Daniel Wright NewZapp Communications 1
Danielle Clark Randstad Education 17
Dannii Sumpter Full Fibre 2
Darren Hepburn NewZapp Communications 1
Dave Gittins Acorn Property Group 11
David Chamberlain Tribus People 39
David Thomas Bluegrass Group 5
Dean Winston Jobcentre Plus 18
Debbie Jones Café at 143 37
Debbie Stafford Devon County Council 18
Debbie Voss Ixora Energy 32
Dennis Hall Yellowtail Financial Planning 8
Derry Tydeman Powderham Food Festival 15
Diane Whiter Salon no.8 40
Doug Newman Peak Physio 46
Doug Scott SMART Estate Agent 30
Douglas Moffat Mickeys Beach Bar & Restaurant 26
Drew Ellis Like Minds 13
Drew Soper eat the bird 9
Duncan Taylor Meredith Morgan Taylor Financial 3
Ed Arriens Coraline Organic Skincare 38
Edward Cross Cake or Death 46
Elaine Anning Global City Futures 16
Elaine Millman Grenadier Estates 16
Elizabeth Bailey Software Solved 41
Elizabeth Finnie Generator Hub & Cowork Ventures 29
Ella Fielding Powderham Food Festival 15
Ella Webber Triangle Networks 21
Ellen Rodger Bluegrass Group 5
Ellie Coldwell Powderham Food Festival 15
Ellie Hattrell Ebb Tides Seaweeds 31
Ellie Williams Hospiscare 33
Elly Rowley Natwest 13
Emilie Fensome Café at 143 37
Emily Barlow SMART Estate Agent 19
Emily Davies SETsquared 22
Emily La Nauze Powderham Food Festival 15
Emily Springett Full Fibre 2
Emily Watkeys Acuitis Opticians and Hearing Centre 34
Emma Bowden Software Solved 41
Emma Broomfield Berry Recruitment 42
Emma Colin Vistry Group 10
Emma Sullivan Dirty Martini Marketing 25
Emma Warner Full Fibre 2
Ena Novakova SETsquared 22
Erin Woodgates Premier Financial Planning 42
Fiona Gardner Fresh Escapes 27
Fiona Spear Michael Spears 10
Flavia Iglieri Acorn Property Group 11
Frances Kelly Fika Salon 46
Frances Tanner SETsquared 22
Freya Tovey Studio Illicit 25
Gabby Plahay Full Fibre 2
Gary Westlake Devon Contract Waste 5
George Barron Positive Light Projects 24
George Halse Hestia & Iris Ceremonies 31
George Pawley Oxygen House 16
Giles Dunning Stephens Scown 4
Gill Jones Clockwise 14
Glen King Glen King PR 28
Glender Duzon University of Exeter 28
Glenn Weeks Nexus Open Systems 7
Greg Howell Connaught@Christmas 38
Greg Ingham Exeter Living, MediaClash 42
Guest of Clockwise 14
Guest of Coraline Organic Skincare 38
Guest of Hospiscare 33
Guest of Like Minds 13
Guest of Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel 23
Guest of The Ivy Exeter 12
Hannah Chapman bthechange 27
Hannah Overton Princesshay 9
Hannah Roskell Oxygen House 16
Harriet Noble Exeter Living, MediaClash 28
Harriet Patchett Natural Design Studio 43
Harriette Dixon Exeter Living, MediaClash 13
Harry Lavender Nexus Open Systems 7
Harry Neill SETsquared 22
Hayden Allen-Vercoe Orbital Media 23
Hayley Smith Myriad Services 36
Hazel Tucker Bishop Fleming 4
Heather Gray Clockwise 14
Heba Rassas SMART Estate Agent 19
Helen Laugharne Clockwise 14
Henry Thompson Nightjar Inn 45
Hilary Pitts Stephens Scown 8
Hollie Marshall SMART Estate Agent 19
Hollie Richards Powderham Food Festival 15
Hylda Stewart Hospiscare 33
Ian Walker Ian Walker Family Law 31
Imogen Cornelius Bluebird Care 6
Ines Munday NewZapp Communications 1
Isabel Bertram Prydis 13
Isabella Yianni Health House Clinic 34
Isobel Savage Bishop Fleming 4
Jack McKenzie-Smith Eco Baby Box 39
Jack Ottaway SMART Estate Agent 30
Jade Bowden NewZapp Communications 1
Jake Hitchcock Studio Illicit 25
Jake Stuart Stuart Line Cruises 36
James Fielden Studio Illicit 25
James Finnegan Bishop Fleming 4
James Freemantle EX2 Electrical 35
James Gardner Fresh Escapes 27
James Geer Studio Illicit 25
James Miles The Mortgage Quarter 30
James Pike Pink Moon/ Castle Street 20
James Warner Full Fibre 2
Jamie Butt Triangle Networks 21
Jamie Page The Exeter 3
Jane Ingham Exeter Living, MediaClash 10
Jason Hylton-Smith Acorn Property Group 11
Jason Jones Café at 143 37
Jay Cowling Regus 17
Jenny Stevens Optix Solutions 44
Jipsy Quinn Berry Recruitment 42
Joanna Kiff SMART Estate Agent 30
Joanna Stuart Pete’s Dragons 40
Joanne Caine Exeter Chamber of Commerce 18
Jodie Cann Software Solved 41
Joe Gill Ashley House 5
Joe Ings Studio Illicit 25
Joe Kilpatrick Threshold Mortgages 3
Joe Pearce SETsquared 22
John Brett Nexus Open Systems 7
John Hammond Ebb Tides Seaweeds 31
John Harvey Samphire Club 42
John Radford Connaught@Christmas 38
Jolene Goodall Regus 17
Jonathan Jones Threshold Mortgages 3
Jonathan Parker St James’s Place 3
Jonny Golder Copperwood Hospitality 32
Jon-Paul Hedge Exeter City Council 28
Jordan Airzee TRIO Technical 21
Jordan Rogers Basepoint 17
Josephine Olszelwski bthechange 27
Josh Butler Triangle Networks 21
Josh Peto SMART Estate Agent 30
Josh Stunell bthechange 27
Josh Tilt Pink Moon/ Castle Street 20
Joshua Jones Luka’s Barbers 20
Jules Phillips Taylor Lewis 29
Julian Dean Nexus Open Systems 7
Julie Woodgates Premier Financial Planning 42
Justin Densham Hospiscare 33
Kamila Lukawska The Ivy Exeter 12
Karen Snell SMART Estate Agent 19
Karin Joehr Andrew Butler Photography 8
Karina Zdanovic The Ivy Exeter 12
Karis Lang Stuart Line Cruises 36
Kat Moore Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel 23
Kate Beale EX2 Electrical 35
Kate Hawkey Devon Contract Waste 5
Kathryn Dack Appen 34
Katie Cormack Powderham Food Festival 15
Katie Cross Cake or Death 46
Katie Silverthorne Caramel Clothing 37
Katy Thomas Berry Recruitment 42
Kelly Freemantle EX2 Electrical 35
Kerry England The Family Law Company 10
Kerry Lane EX2 Electrical 35
Kevin Troy Coraline Organic Skincare 38
Kez Paget Powderham Food Festival 15
Khristine Norton Devon County Council 18
Kirsten Clarke Ian Walker Family Law 31
Kirsty Hammond Ebb Tides Seaweeds 31
Kirsty Pidsley Bluebird Care 6
Kirsty Searle Bluebird Care 6
Kyran Le Chevalier University of Exeter 28
Kyrenia Tew KTA Architects 36
Lacey Pike SMART Estate Agent 19
Laura Hill Nexus Open Systems 7
Laura Seaward Bishop Fleming 4
Laura Seaward Bishop Fleming 4
Lauren Clark Stuart Line Cruises 36
Lee Ogden Bear Town 44
Lee Tonkin Nexus Open Systems 7
Lee Tozer Jobcentre Plus 18
Lene Rayner Moments To Media 29
Lewis White SMART Estate Agent 30
Lindsey Henderson Virtual Tour Experts 45
Lisa Marshall Oxygen House 16
Lisa Williams SMART Estate Agent 19
Liz Arriens-Troy Coraline Organic Skincare 38
Liz Griffiths Appen 34
Liz Wadeson Cafe Patisserie Glacerie 26
Lizzy Dickinson Connaught@Christmas 38
Lloyd Colin Strutt & Parker 10
Lorraine Allington Learn Devon 18
Louisa Mills Sarah West Recruitment Consultants 39
Louise Glanville Knight Frank 16
Louise Jones The Coffee Bank 43
Louise Lander Guildhall Shopping Centre 24
Lucie Crump Fika Salon 46
Lucie Davis Otter Vale Motor Group 5
Lucy Evans Princesshay 9
Lucy Poole Peak Physio 46
Lucy Williams Powderham Food Festival 15
Luka Chitty Luka’s Barbers 20
Luke Facey The Ivy Exeter 12
Luke Fleming Acuitis Opticians and Hearing Centre 34
Lydia Thompson Nightjar Inn 45
Magdalena Bartnicka Coffery & Co 41
Marcus Farci CityFibre 21
Marie Cassidy Boo To A Goose Theatre 29
Mark Cassidy Boo To A Goose Theatre 29
Mark Jensen Acorn Property Group 11
Mark Lomas Ashfords 13
Mark Sanders Mark Sanders Photographer 28
Mark Voss Ixora Energy 32
Martin Bartnicka Coffery & Co 41
Martin Bignell Basepoint 17
Martin Brint Profecto Financial Services 8
Martyn Beale EX2 Electrical 35
Martyn Harrison Acorn Property Group 11
Mary Ryan Headway Devon 43
Matt Cook Nexus Open Systems 7
Matthew Seabourne-Hall Rathbones 13
Max Laszlo The Ivy Exeter 12
Megan Chilton Bluebird Care 6
Melissa Lockhart The Press House 9
Michael Caines Michael Caines Collection 26
Michael Harrison-Hastings Mindmaps Wellbeing 45
Michael Tilston The Mortgage Quarter 30
Michelle Miles The Mortgage Quarter 30
Mike Nicol NewZapp Communications 1
Mike Norrish The Exeter 3
Mushtaq Jaigidar Yellowtail Financial Planning 8
Naomi Hunt Powderham Food Festival 15
Natasha Bull SMART Estate Agent 30
Nathan Hoare Altum Media 26
Neal Carr Bradleys Estate Agents 3
Neil Henderson Virtual Tour Experts 45
Nick Webster Aesthetica Medical Spa 43
Nicky Dunn Pi Society 35
Nicky Such Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel 23
Nicole Redfern Exeter Northcott Theatre 45
Nikki Fairclough Guildhall Shopping Centre 24
Nina Savage SMART Estate Agent 19
Nuala Edgar Sarah West Recruitment Consultants 39
Oliver Helm Full Fibre 2
Oliver Lippiett Full Fibre 2
Ollie Knowles Luka’s Barbers 20
Ollie Popham Cavendish Online 3
Olly O’Reilly TRIO Technical 21
Patrick Grinsell NewZapp Communications 1
Paul Anlsow Triangle Networks 21
Paul Elliot Randstad Education 17
Paul Jacobs Ian Walker Family Law 31
Paula Ainsworth Mesklin 37
Peter McGregor Form Rifle Stocks 23
Peter Rosenwald Chartered Developments 5
Petra Aubert Profecto Financial Services 8
Phil Sheppard JTP Joinery 35
Philippa Stuart Stuart Line Cruises 36
Phoebe Aubury Natural Design Studio 43
Racheal Haestier Salon no.8 40
Rachel Johnson Oxygen House 16
Rachel lamy The Ivy Exeter 12
Rachel Stidworthy NewZapp Communications 1
Rachel Sutton Exeter City Council 18
Rebecca Elliott Courtyard Exeter, Sandy Park Marriott 10
Rebecca Hilling Berry Recruitment 42
Rhian Hawthorne Youth Hub Devon 18
Ria Ball Bar Buoy 29
Richard Carpenter Enterprise Assist 21
Richard Slater Stephens Scown 4
Riina Lehtoviita Generator Hub & Cowork Ventures 29
Rob Graves SMART Estate Agent 19
Rob Stevens Optix Solutions 44
Robbie Lukawska The Ivy Exeter 12
Robin Jackson Taylor Lewis 29
Robyn Coles The Lead Lab 20
Robyn Warwick Sarah West Recruitment Consultants 39
Roger Plahay Full Fibre 2
Ros Vincent Hospiscare 33
Rosie Bates Exeter Works 18
Rosie Hawkins RedHawk Events 31
Rosie Russell Health House Clinic 34
Rosy Hill Full Fibre 2
Rowan Mould SETsquared 22
Ruth Turner Bluebird Care 6
Ruth Wells Headway Devon 43
Ryan Thomas HSBC 4
Sam Blight Acorn Property Group 11
Sara Flint Bluebird Care 6
Sarah Bailey Bluegrass Group 5
Sarah Jepson Ixora Energy 32
Sarah Knight Sarah West Recruitment Consultants 39
Sarah Simcock Caramel Clothing 37
Sarah Steele Yellowtail Financial Planning 8
Sarah-Jane Tyas-Peterson bthechange 27
Scott Gray 247 Property Auctions 40
Sharon Wilkinson Bluebird Care 6
Shelia Beck Stuart Line Cruises 36
Sophia Gyger The PIG-at Combe 32
Sophie Constant Exeter City Council 9
Sophie Johns Fika Salon 46
Sophie Perry The PIG-at Combe 32
Sophie Townsend eat the bird 9
Sophie Withers Acuitis Opticians and Hearing Centre 34
Stacey Hedge ATG 28
Steph Dodd Exeter Living, MediaClash 13
Stephanie Darkes Bluebird Care 6
Stephanie Hunt The Mortgage Quarter 30
Stephanie Lewis Courtyard Exeter, Sandy Park Marriott 10
Stephanie Murdoch Salon no.8 40
Steve Bradley Acorn Property Group 11
Steve Edward Michael Caines Collection 26
Steve Fleming Acuitis Opticians and Hearing Centre 34
Steven Wilmer The Ivy Exeter 12
Stuart Ashdown Bluegrass Group 5
Stuart Hogben Triangle Networks 21
Sue Cade Connaught@Christmas 38
Sylke Thomas SETsquared 22
Sylvain Peltier Cafe Patisserie Glacerie 26
Tegan Rogers Pete’s Dragons 40
Terry Pritchard Acuitis Opticians and Hearing Centre 34
Tibby Atkinson Luka’s Barbers 20
Tim Ball Bar Buoy 29
Tim Godfrey Bishop Fleming 4
Tim Lloyd Mindmaps Wellbeing 45
Tina Calvert Peplows 13
Toby Blatchford-Tagg Luka’s Barbers 20
Tom Anning Oxygen House 16
Tom Bedford Savills 13
Tom Buckler JTP Joinery 35
Tom Carlton Coffery & Co 41
Tom Churchward Stratton Creber 17
Tom Markham Acorn Property Group 11
Tom Moodey Youth Hub Devon 18
Tom Scott NewZapp Communications 1
Toni Kemble Sarah West Recruitment Consultants 39
Tony Rowe Exeter Chiefs 10
Tori Isaac Bear Town 44
Trevor Munday NewZapp Communications 1
Vicky Bandyszewska Stratton Creber 17
Will Flint Bluebird Care 6
Will Hammond Ebb Tides Seaweeds 31
Will Hanbury Bishop Fleming 4
Will Nowell Exeter Council 24
Zack Tovey Fika Salon 46
Zoe Bowden The Ivy Exeter 12